Adverb of Place in Arabic Grammar ظرف المكان

adverb of place in Arabic grammar language
What is Adverb?
An adverb is a word that changes or qualifies the meaning of a verb. An adverb indicates manner, time, place, cause, or degree and answers questions such as "how," "when," "where," "how much". This post will discuss adverbs of place in Arabic grammar, how to use them and the word that comes after them.

What is Adverb of place?
It is an adverb that describes where the action of a verb is carried out. In Arabic, it called ظرف المكان (= tharfu al-makan). ظرف المكان (= tharfu al-makan) typically answer questions such as "where?".

Words used as adverb in Arabic
فَوْق(= fawq) over / above
تَحْت (= taht) under
قَريب (= qareeb) near
بَعِيد (= baàeed) far
عٍند (= àenda) at
داخل (= dakhel) in / inside / into
خَارِج (= kharej) out of / outside / off
بَين (= bayna) between
وَسَط (= wasat) middle
خِلال (= khelal) through
حَوْل (= hawla) around
أسفل (= asfal) down
أعلى (= aàla) up
أَدْنَى (= adna) or دون (= doona) below
عَبْر (= àabr) across
أَمَام (= amam) or قُدّام (= quddam) in front of / opposite
خَلف (= khalfa) or وَراء (= wara'a) behind
مُقَابِل (= muqabel) against / opposite
مُعَاكِس (= muàakes) opposite
يَمِين (= yameen) right
يَسَار (= yasar) left
شَمَال (= shamal) north
جَنُوب (= janoob) south
شَرْق (= sharq) east
غَرٍب (= garb) west
أَنَّى (= anna) whereever
حيث (= haythu) where "the one that is used as a relative pronoun, not as a question"

Let's have a look to this picture:
adverb of place in Arabic grammar
The English words inside gray squares are considered adverbs of place, but the Arabic words, even though they indicate places, are considered as حرف جر (= harf jar: preposition), على - في - مِن - إلى - بـ, which are treated in different way.

Arabic Tips:
* هنا (= huna: here) and هُنَاك (= hunak: there) are أسماء إشارة (= asma'a esharah: demonstrative pronounces) even they indicate place, but they aren't adverb of place.
* The noun after adverb of place in Arabic always is identified with article "the" الـ.
Example: الكُرةُ خَلْفَ الصَنْدُوق.
الصندوق comes identified with article الـ (= al-: the)

This is a worksheet to learn adverb of place in Arabic grammar. You can print the worksheet to use it for learning those adverbs and the audio file to practice on pronunciation.

worksheet for adverb of place in Arabic languageworksheet for adverb of place in Arabic language

After you learn those Arabic adverbs very will, think with other examples to use these adverbs. You can also share your example in comments or feel free to ask any question about this subject.

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