English Words of Arabic Origin كلمات أصلها عربي

You may be surprised to hear that quite a few English words trace their origins to Arabic.
This worksheet shows some familiar English words with Arabic origins. Also, listen to the audio for pronunciation.
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English words that are actually Arabic words

As you can see from the table, Arabic has had a major influence on the English language. Some English words such as “zero” and "pants" have an indirect Arabic origin, whereas others, such as “coffee” and “cotton,” are exact matches!
The influence runs the other way, too, especially when it comes to relatively contemporary terms. For example, the word tilifizyuun (tee-lee-feezee- yoon; television) comes straight from the word “television.” As is often the case with languages, Arabic and English tend to influence each other, and that’s what makes studying them so much fun!

*This worksheet is inspired from "Arabic for Dummies" book

  • Word "salad" comes from the French salade of the same meaning, from the Latin salata (salty), from sal (salt). 
  • Word "Pants" is a shortened form of pantaloons. Pantaloons derives from the French pantalon from the name of Pantaleone. The name Pantaleon is Greek.
reference: wikipedia

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