10 Favorite Arabic Expressions

These 10 expressions/phrases are used on a daily basis. It includes: greeting, apologizing, thanks, congrats and polite phrases. If you are interested to learn Arabic or want to visit Arab country you need to know these expression, how can be used and when. Let's review these 10 expressions by this lovely infographic:

Arabic Expressions that are popular in all Arab countries ans used everyday. Every beginner needs to know them.

(1) Marhaba مرحبا
مَرْحَبا ; Welcome
- Extremely popular with Arabic speakers.
- It’s usually said with a lot of zest and enthusiasm and is often accompanied by a hug or a kiss on the cheek!
- When you hear it, you can reply with مرحبتين (=Marhabtain) which literally means: Welcome twice.

(2) Ahlan wa-sahlan أهلا وسهلا
أهْلاً وَ سَهْلاً; hello
- A popular greeting.
- It’s usually said after مرحبا (=Marhaba)
- It can be shortened to هَلا (= hala: hi)
- The reply would be the same; أهلا وسهلا

(3) Kaif al-hal? كِيف الحَال؟
كَيْفَ الحَال؟; how are you
- After greeting
- To a friend, co-worker or a costumer
- The reply would be; بخير (= be-khair: fine) or تَمام (= tamam: it’s all good)

(4) Law samaht لو سمحت
لَوْ سَمَحْت; please
- To be polite when you ask for something.
Ex: فِنْجَان شاي لَو سَمَحْت (= Fengan shay law samaht: a cup of tea, please)
- It sometimes comes with orders, ex: نَظِّف غُرْفَتُك لو سَمَحت (= nathef gurfatuka law samaht: clean your room, please)
- If you’re talking to a female it changes to لو سمحْتِ (=law samahti)

(5) Tafadhal تفضل
تَفَضَّل; Be my guest! / Go right ahead! / Sure, help yourself! (depending on context)
- The idea is that the person should feel comfortable to do/or have as he pleases
- It also can have a mean of (please have a seat)
- If you’re talking to a female, it changes to تفضَّلِي (= tafadhali)

(6) Shukran شكرًا
شُكْرًا; thank you
- Whatever the cases you want to thank other.
- The reply would be عَفْوًا (= àfwan: you’re welcomed)

(7) Mabrook مبروك
مَبْرُوك; congratulation
- For any succeeded work even if it’s small
- The original word is مُبَارَك (= mubarak) which also used for congrats sometimes.

(8) Tasharrfna تشرفنا
تَشَرَّفْنَا; it is a pleasure
- Usually it’s said after someone say his/her name.
- Very formal and polite expression to welcome people you meet for the first time or VIP people.

(9) Aasef آسف
آسف; sorry
- If who would say it is a female, it changes to آسفة (= aasefah)
- Used as apology if you do something wrong, get late on a appointment or forget to do something for someone.
- You don’t say it in situation like funeral or when someone tell you unpleasant things happen to him/her (Arab has other expressions for that)

(10) Maàa ssalama مع السلامة
مَعَ السَّلامَة; good bye
- It’s said in the end of the meeting or as an act of parting or leave-taking.
- Can be shortened to سلام (= salam: peace) as informal expression

If you have suggestions that can be added to this list, please mention that on comment below. Any question are welcomed too.

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  2. Can this graphic be printed and used in the classroom (not for reselling purposes) without violating copyright laws?

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  3. اهلا وسهلا تفضل مين معي what it means?

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