5 Fruits' Name in Arabic

Fruits in Arab country
I find it interesting how each country, or region, has their fruits. I live in Saudi Arabia and most of the time you can find Orange, apple and banana in all stores, and when I say 'most of the time' I mean EVERYDAY in the year. We don't have summer fruit and winter fruits! That something only taught in schools. When I visit my hometown, in Syria, the story is totally different! even the taste of same fruits are different. It is like you taste them as first time in your life, it is like HEAVEN.
I used to hear about fruits like cranberry, blackberry and passion fruit but they don't grow in Arab country. I see them sometimes in stores (in Export section) but they can be very expensive and I think even the taste is not that good as in their original country.
What is number#1 fruit in Gulf countries, in general!! No doubt it is "DATES". Date tree are in everywhere. It is the basic centerpiece in Saudi houses. There are many kinds of dates here. I hear there are over 40 kind. Every kind has different names and totally different taste. Here are the most well-known dates' types:

تَمر (= Tamr)
رُطَب (= Rutab) has creamy taste and usually more expensive than other types
عَجْوَة (= Agwa)
بَلَح (= Balah)
سُكَّرِي (= Sukkari) which from its name extremely sweet (sukkar = sugar)
خُضَرِي (= Khudhari)
صَقْعِي (= Saqee)
And the list going on..

Fruits in Arabic Language
As all nouns there are singular and plural. This card is part of giveme5dictionary that focus on 5 words in each card.

learn fruit names in Arabic language

Below, we'll present the singular and plural for each fruit:
(1) أناناسة (= Ananasa) S --> أناناس (= Ananas) P
(2) إجاصة (= Egasa) S --> إجاص (= Egas) P
(3) تُفَّاحَة (= Toffaha) S --> تُفَّاحَ (= Toffah) P
(4) موزة (= Mawza) S --> مَوز (= Mawz) P
(5) بُرْتُقَالَة (= Bortoqalah) S --> بُرْتُقَال (= Bortoqal) P

Notice that the only different between singular and plural names is (ة) which called in Arabic التَّاء المَرْبُوطَة (= Al-ta' al-marboota : Tied Ta' ). This is one of the cases when convert from singular to plural.

Watch the video (only 34 s) to practice on the pronunciation of these 5 fruits and other too.

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