Arabic Alphabet for Medical Use

learn Arabic vocabularies that are related to medical and hospital field
Let's say a person "X" works in medical field. Obviously, he has to deal with many vocabularies that used in everyday medical. The person X also needs to use these vocabularies to communicate with patients and people who need some kind of help. Let's think where do these people come from?!! Exactly, they come from everywhere and from every nationality.. and if the person "X" wants to work in Arab country, most the patients would be obviously Arabs.

We in EVERYDAY ARABIC commit to give you Arabic language that actually used in everyday situations. This post is a start point for those who are interested or work in medical field. These Arabic alphabet comes with examples of medical vocabularies (or related to).

Use the audio embedded for pronunciation.

* Arabic alphabet are ordered in 6 groups according to similarity of calligraphy, which is the best way to learn Arabic alphabet.
* Be aware that all the vocabularies provided here start with the same vowel which is Fatha (read about Fatha vowel and how to pronounce it in this link)

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