What is Shadda مَا هي الشَدَّة ؟

What is Shadda!
In Arabic, Shadda is equivalent to write the same letter twice. The first letter would has Skoon and the second letter would has Fatha, Dhamma or Kasra.
For example;
The word دَرَّسَ is actually دَرْرَسَ but instead of writing ر Ra twice we replace it with one ر Ra with Shadda on it.

In shape, this Shadda looks like half the letter س (writing in a small shape on the letter)

You may feel confused between word دَرَسَ and word دَرَّسَ , but don't be, because they have different meaning. دَرَسَ darasa means 'he studied' while دَرَّسَ darrasa means 'he taught'.

Above the Shadda, there is also Fatha which refers to the vowel of second letter. Same thing goes with Dhamma in the word يَفِرْرُ which is written like that يَفِرُّ . Dhamma is written above the Shadda. If there are two letters, the first has Skoon and the second has Kasra, the word is written with Shadda and Kasra under the Shaddah, rather than in its normal place.

Last thing you need to know about Shadda; it may come in the middle of the word or in the end, but it can't be in the beginning.

Let's practice on Shadda with more words:

Shadda in Arabic

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  1. this is good. do you have explainations for fataha, kasra, dhumma n so on. They will be useful for beginners like me. Thank you :)