Calendar 2014 - with learning tips [printable]

free printable calendar 2014 with learning a new language tips is provided by everyday arabic. happy learning
Calendar 2014 - with learning tips

It is impressive number of people we meet through EVERYDAY-ARABIC who like to learn a second language just to challenge their minds. When learning a language, you force your brain to think differently and to translate thoughts and ideas to a different plane. Researchers said that learning a second language can improve intelligence and communication abilities. To celebrate the new year 2014, we present "Calendar 2014" for anyone has desire to learn a new language. Whether you are learning Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, or Swahili, "Calendar 2014" is our gift for you. It is a free printable calendar that is provided by useful tips and techniques for learning a second language, based on our research and our own personal experience. A tip for each month. Follow these learning tips and practice as much as you can With time, your new language will come to you. Also, there is free space in each day to help you organize your plan or thoughts.
To Download and Print "calendar 2014": Click calendar 2014 in the header of the file. Then the file will be downloaded in a pdf format. Print it and use stapler to join all paper from the top then hang it whenever you want.
Happy Learning :)
Feel free to share "calendar 2014" with fiends or via social networks. If you have extra tips you find it useful in learning a new language, you can share with others in comment box below. Interested to learn Arabic? See our offer and get free trail lesson here.

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