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أنا عندي - أنا ما عندي"I have" & "I don't have" in Arabic

I have & I do not have
A phrase that used a lot everyday; I have & I don't have. How to say these phrases in Arabic?

أنا عِنْدِي: I have (= Ana èndi)
أنا ما عِنْدِي: I don't have (= Ana ma èndi)

Examples for أنا عِنْدِي (= Ana èndi: I have):
أنا عِنْدِي كِتاب (= Ana èndi ketab: I have a book)
أنا عِندي قلم (= Ana èndi qalam: I have a pen)
أنا عِندي حساب فيسبوك (= Ana èndi hesab facebook: I have a facebook account)
أنا عندي قميص (= Ana èndi qamees: I have a shirt)
أنا عندي شنطة (= Ana èndi shantah: I have a bag)
أنا عندي آيفون (= Ana èndi Iphone: I have an Iphone)
Take a look to these illustrations for the previous examples. We use masculine and feminine expressions. Do you think there is any different?!!
I have أنا عندي

I have أنا عندي

The different between the masculine and feminine expressions:
As you can see from the previous pictures, there is no different at all for this expression. Both male and female use the same expression أنا عندي (= Ana èndi: I have)

Examples for أنا ما عِنْدِي (= Ana ma èndi: I do not have):
أنا ما عِنْدِي كِتاب (= Ana ma èndi ketab: I don't have a book)
أنا ما عِندي قلم (= Ana ma èndi qalam: I don't have a pen)
أنا ما عِندي حساب فيسبوك (= Ana èndi ma hesab facebook: I don't have a facebook account)
أنا ما عندي قميص (= Ana ma èndi qamees: I don't have a shirt)
أنا ما عندي شنطة (= Ana ma èndi shantah: I don't have a bag)
أنا ما عندي آيفون (= Ana ma èndi Iphone: I don't have an Iphone)
Take a look to these illustrations for the previous examples. As you can see, there is no different between masculine and feminine expressions.
I don't have أنا ما عندي

I don't have أنا ما عندي

Want to say more?
Use adjectives to describe what do you have (or don't have). Always put the adjective after the last word in the sentence.
أنا عندي قميص أزرق (= Ana èndi qamees azraq: I have a blue shirt)
أنا عندي شنطة كبيرة (= Ana èndi shantah kabeerah: I have a big bag)
أنا ما عندي كتاب علوم (= Ana ma èndi ketab oloom: I don't have a science book)


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