Lebanon (Levantine dialect) Conversation - Shopping

learn Lebanon-Shami-Levantine dialect for a shopping conversation everyday arabic
First part:
This is a short movie that been taken from a famous TV show called "Mafi-Metlo".It will help you learn how to ask the important question in Lebanon dialect (or Levantine dialect):

Second part:
Let's learn more questions that are helpful in shopping in Lebanon dialect (and Levantine dialect):

Use the audio below to listen to the questions:

هَل عَنْدَكْ عَصير بُرْتْقَان فْرِش؟
Do you have a fresh orange juice.

بِدِّي فِنْجَان قَهْوِة
I want a cup of coffee

بِتْرِيد شِي تَاني؟
Do you want any thing else?

hear you are

عِنْدَك مَقَاس أَصْغَر مِن هَلْقَمِيص؟
Do you have a smaller size of this shirt

كيف بِتْحِبْ أَسَاعْدَك؟
How can I help you?

عِنْدَك بَنْطَلُون جِينز أَخْضَر؟
Do you have a green jeans pant?

قَدِّيه حَق الإْسكَرْبِينِة؟
How much does this shoes cost?

مَعْلِش أَدْفَع بِالبِطاقَة؟
Can I buy by card?

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