Clothes in Arabic and Different Dialects

clothes in everyday Arabic language, gulf, saudi dialect, egyptian dialect and levantine shami, lebanon, dialect with translating
Arabs traditions:
Clothing performs a range of social and cultural functions. Clothing can be used to indicate social status and convey individual, occupational, and sexual differentiation. The Arab world is full of rich and diverse communities, groups and cultures. Differences exist not only among countries, but within countries as well.
Arab dress for men ranges from the traditional flowing robes to blue jeans, T-shirts and western business suits. The robes allow for maximum circulation of air around the body to help keep it cool, and the head dress provides protection from the sun. At times, Arabs mix the traditional garb with Western clothes. Headdress pattern might be an indicator of which tribe, clan, or family the wearer comes from. However this is not always the case. While in one village, a tribe or clan might have a unique headdress, in the next town over an unrelated tribe or clan might wear the same headdress.
Arab dress for women also range. Adherence to traditional dress varies across societies. (More traditional—Saudi Arabia Less traditional – Egypt). Traditional Arab dress features the full length body cover (abayah, jilbob, or chador) and veil (hijab or chador). In some countries, like Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, it is no imposed upon them and women are free to choose whether to wear veils. However, in other places, all women wear veils out of modesty. Rural women, who typically work in the fields, may wear less restrictive garments lighter in color and weight.

Clothes vocabularies:
Below, most common clothes in Arabic.
Listen to the audio for pronunciation:

clothes in everyday Arabic language, gulf, saudi dialect, egyptian dialect and levantine shami, lebanon, dialect with translating

Bag:حَقِيبَة – شَنْطَة – شَنْتَايَه
Socks: جَوَارِب – شُرَّاب
Glasses: نَظَّارَة – عُوَيْنَات
Slippers: خُف – شِبْشِب – شَحَّاطَة
Boots: حِذَاء - بُوط
Belt: حِزَام
Sunglasses: نَظَّارَة شَمْسِيَّة
Sandals: صَنْدَل
Hat: قُبَّعة – طَاقِيّة – بُرْنِيطَة - أُبِّيعَه
Coat: مِعْطَف - جَاكِيت
Gloves: قُفَّاز – جَوَنْتِي - كُفُوف
Trainers: حِذَاء رِيَاضِي – جَزْمَة رِيَاضِيَّة – كَوِتْش – سِبَادْرِين - لَصْتِيكِه
Shorts: سِرْوَال قَصِير - شُورت
Raincoat: مِعْطَف المَطَر
Shoes: حِذَاء – جَزْمَة - إنْدِرَه
High heel: كَعْب عَالِي
Backpack: حَقِيبَة ظَهْر – شَنْطَه - شَنْتَه
Tie: رَبْطَة عُنُق - كَرَفِتَّة
Trousers: بِنْطَال - بَنْطَلُون
Bathrobe: بُرْنُس الحَمَّام
Jacket: جَاكِيت
Tracksuit: بَدْلَة رِيَاضِيَّة
Scarf: شَال - كوفِيَّة
Dress: فُسْتَان
Sweater: سُتْرَة – بُلُوزَة – بُلُوفَر - كَنْزِه
Suit: بَدْلَة
Wallet: مِحْفَظَة
Pajamas: مَلابس نَوم - بِيجَاما
Swimsuit: مَلابِس سِبَاحَة - مَايُوه
Skirt: تَنُّورَة
Ring: خَاتَم
Earring: حَلَق
Necklace: سِلْسَال - عِقْد
T-shirt: قَمِيص نُص كُم- تي شِيرت
Shirt: قَمِيص
Blouse: بُلُوزَة
Bracelet: سِوَار - سِوَارَة

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