House Items in Arabic مفردات في البيت

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Houses Items in Standard Arabic and Slang  مفردات في البيت

Vocabularies Sheet:

غُرْفَةُ النَّوْمِ bed room
سَرِير bed
مِخَدَّة pillow
خِزَانَةُ المَلابِس wardrobe
شُبَّاك / نَافِذَة window

غُرْفَةُ الجُلُوسِ living room
كَنَبَة / أريكة couch
مِصْبَاح lamp
لَوْحَة painting
مِرْوَحَة fan
مُكَيِّف conditioner

غُرْفَةُ الغَسِيل laundry room
غَسَّالَة washing machine
سَلَّةُ الغَسِيل laundry basket

بَدْرُوم / قَبُو basement

حَمَّام bathroom
بَانِيو / حَوْض الاِسْتِحْمَام bathtub
مِغْسَلَة washbasin
مِرْحَاض toilet
مِنْشَفَة towel

مَطْبَخ kitchen
ثَلّاجَة fridge
فُرُن oven
مَوْقِد غَاز stove
صَحْن plate
شَوْكَة fork
سِكِّين knife
مِلْعَقَة spoon

غُرْفَةُ الطَّعَام dining room
طاوِلَة / مَائِدَة table
كُرْسِي chair

P.S. In Arabic Speaking, some other vocabularies are used. For example:
In Levantine dialect (Shami):
تَخْت bed
In Gulf dialect:
دُولاب wardrobe
In Egyptian dialect:
تَرَبِيزَة table

Also, the same vocabularies can be used with different pronunciation. For example:
In Levantine dialect (Shami):
اِمْخَدَّه (=EMKHADDAIH instead of MEKHADDAH) pillow
In Gulf dialect:
شُوكَة (= SHOOKAH instead of SHAWKAH) fork
In Egyptian dialect:
سِرِير (= SEREER instead of SAREER) bed

Advises to memories these vocabularies in Arabic:
1- Print out the previous picture and hung it on a wall where you can see it a lot.
2- Use these vocabularies daily. At least, three words every day.
3- Listen to TV shows and notice how these words are used and pronounced especially if you are interested to learn a dialect.

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