More Than 10 Romantic Phrases in Arabic

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The truth is that it's absolutely impossible to live a life without falling in some kind of love in one way or another. Whatever the philosophy of love you believe in, you need to know how to say the right words to the right person. And when we talk about Arabic language, no one would argue that Arabic language has such poetic sound. So, when we mix romantic words and poetic sound, it is such a LOVELY combination.
In the following infographic, you will learn eleven very common romantic expressions that are used in both standard Arabic and dialect.

say I LOVE YOU in 10 different ways in Arabic language
Of course, there are more than these 11 phrases, but I can say that these represent a good start.

أُحِبُّك UHEBBUK : I love you

أَشْتَاقُ إِلْيْك ASHTAQU ELAIK: I miss you

أَحْتَاجُ إِلْيْك AHTAGU ELAIK: I need you

أُفَكِّرُ فِيك UFAKKERU FEEK: I think of you

أَعْشَقُك A’ASHAQUK: I adore you

أَمُوتُ فِيك AMOOT FEEK: I die for you

فَدَيْتُك FADAITUK: I give up my life for you

رُوحِي ROOHI: My soul

حَبِيبِي HABEEBI: My lover

عُيُونِي UYUNI: My eyes

قَلْبِي QALBI: My heart


In Levantine dialect (Shami dialect), there are other common phrase like that, such as:
تِقْبِرْنِي: TU'BURNI which literally means "may you bury me" or "I love so much that I wish I die before you"
نَظَرِي: NATHARAI which means "my vision power" or something like that.
In Gulf dialect, there are phrases like
يا بَعَد عُمْرِي: YA BA'AD UMRI which also literally means "I wish I die before you"
حَيَاتِي: HAYATI which means "my life"


Anything you want to add to this simple list? Did you ever hear/ or use one or more of these expressions somewhere? Please, share with us your experience.
Feel Free to ask any question or add comment in the box below.

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