Present Tense in Arabic: For first person أنا=I

Present Tense in Arabic: For first person أنا=I
The basic rule for this kind of verbs is that the verb ALWAYS starts with letter Alef=أ.
Present Tense in Arabic: For first person أنا=I
See these examples:
Present Tense in Arabic: For first person أنا=I

You probably noticed that there is no word أنا before the verb. Since the verb for first person ALAWYS starts with Alef=أ, then you don't actually need to add أنا before. However grammatically, if you put أنا before the verb, the sentence stills correct. In this case, it would be as you emphasis the meaning a little more. So, you can say:
أَلْبِسُ or أنا أَلْبِسُ
أَشْرَبُ or أنا أَشْرَبُ
أَذْهَبُ or أنا أذْهَبُ
The idea here is that it shouldn't sound wired when it is heard. For example, if I want to say what I do every morning, I can say:
أَلْبِسُ مَلابِسي، ثُمَّ أَشْرَبُ الْقَهْوَة، ثُمَّ أَذْهَبُ إلى الْعَمَل
"I put on my clothes. Then I drink coffee. Then I go to the work"

One more thing to say..
In standard Arabic, the present verb ends with the sound OO, which we call it DHAMMAH=ضَمَّة. See how to pronounce these words:
أَلْبِسُ= AL-BESU
أَذْهَبُ= ATH-HABU
However, in slang or Arabic dialects, people tend to pronounce the last letter (in most words) with no sound, which we call it SUKOON, just because it is easier and shorter this way. So, the words would be read:
أَلْبِسْ= AL-BES
أَشْرَب= ASH-RAB
أَرُوحْ= AROOH (usually it is AROOH instead of ATH-HAB in slang, but both are considered Fus-ha=Standard Arabic)

Now, let's learn more verbs that we can use for everyday activity:

آكُلْ الْفُطُور = AAKULU AL-FUTOOR = I eat breakfast
أَرْكَبُ السَّيَّارَة= AR-KABU AS-SAYYARAH = I ride the car
أَتَّصِلُ بِصَدِيقِي= ATTASELU BE-SADEQI = I call my friend
أَتَكَلَّمُ مَعَ الْمُدِير= ATAKALLAMU MA'A AL-MUDEER = I talk to the manager
أُنَظِّفُ الْبَيْت = UNATH-THEFU AL-BAIT = I clean the house
أُشَاهِدُ الْتِلْفَاز = USHAHEDU AT-TELFAZ = I watch TV
أَنَامُ مُبَكِّرًا= ANAAMU MUBAKKERA = I sleep early

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