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الْمُكَسَّرات Nuts

In this lesson, you will learn some names for different kinds of nuts. These names are illustrated in an infographic so it would be easier to learn. Also, there is an interesting reading passage in the same topic. The Arabic passage is followed with a list of vocabularies meaning in English and also an English translating to the whole passage. Both parts in this lessons are contain an audio to listen to the correct pronunciation from a native speaker.

First Part: Names of Nuts

Types of Nuts in Arabic
مُكَسَّرَات [MUKASSARAT] = Nuts
لَوْز [LAWZ] = Almond
جَوْز [JAWZ] = Walnut
Another name for walnut: عَيْنُ الْجَمَل [ain-ul-jamal]
بُنْدُق [BUNDUQ] = Hazelnut
صَنُوبَر [SANUBAR] = Pine
فُسْتُق [FUSTUQ] = Pistachio
جَوْزُ الْهُنْد [JAWZ-UL-HEND] = Coconut
Another name for coconut in dialect:  نارْجِيل [NARJEEL]
كاجُو [KAJU] = Cashew
الْفُولُ السُّودَانِي [AL-FOOL-US-SUDANI] = Peanut
The name In levantine (shami) dialect: فُسْتُق عَبِيد [FUSTUQ ABEED]

Second part: A reading passage "Nuts and Seeds"

Nutes and seeds | Arabic passege
These are the list of some vocabularies in the passage:
بُذُور : seeds
قِشْرَة : shell
قَاسِية : hard
بِالضَّرُورة : necessarily
مُفيدة : good
يَحْتَوِي : contains
زَيت : oil
طاقَة : energy
جِسْم : body
قَلْب : heart
جِلْد : skin
السِّنْجاب : squirrel
الْفَأر : mice

The English translating:
The nuts and the seeds
There is a small difference between nuts and seeds. Many seeds mistakenly called nuts. For example, hazelnut are nuts. Chestnuts are nuts. Walnuts are nuts. But, Cashews are not nuts. Pistachios are not nuts.
So what are nuts? A true nut is a fruit with one seed. True nuts have very hard shells. True nuts do not open on their own. You must crack a true nut to open it.
Because the difference between nuts and seeds is small, so it is not necessarily wrong to call a seed a nut.
Nuts are good for your health. Seeds are also good for your health. Nuts and seeds contain a lot of oil and energy for your body. Nuts and seeds are also good for your heart and skin.
Many animals eat nuts like squirrels, mice, birds and some dogs.


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