Days of Week in Arabic Levantine Dialect

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Learning the days of week is very important in everyday conversation. Here you are going to learn how to pronounce these words and how to use them in sentences. There is an infographic to make learning easier and there are recordings to listen and learn the pronunciation. The dialect used in this post is Laventine dialect/ Shami dialect which is a dialect used in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordon.

First, have a look to this infographic and the recording (don’t forget to share if you like it):

learn days of weeks in levantine Arbic dialect

Let's learn Some examples:
اِلْأَحَد أَوّل يُوم بِالْإسْبُوع. هُوِّ أَوّل يُوم دَوَام
Sunday is the first day of the week. It is the first day of the work.
اِلتَّنِين تانِي يُوم بِالْإسْبُوع. بْرُوح عَ الْنَّادِي الرِّيَاضِي كِل تَنِين
Monday is the second day of the week. I go to the gym every Monday.
اِلتَّلات تَالِت يُوم بِالْإسْبُوع. بِضْهَر مَع صَاحْبِي كِل تلات الْمَسَا
Tuesday is the third day of the week. I go out with my friend every Tuesday.
اِلْأَرْبِعَا رَابِع يُوم بِالْإسْبُوع. عَنْدِي اجْتِمَاع هَالْأَرْبِعَا
Wednesday is the forth day of the week. I have a meeting this Wednesday.
اِلْخَمِيس خَامِس يُوم بِالْإسْبُوع. عَنْدِي مَوْعِد عَنْد الْحَكِيم هَالْخَمِيس
Thursday is the fifth day of the week. I have an appointment with a doctor this Thursday.
اِلْجِمْعَة سَادِس يُوم بِالْإسْبُوع. بْشُوف الْعَيِلِة وْمْنِتْغَدَّى سَوَا
Friday is the sixth day of the week. I see my family and we have lunch together.
اِلسَّبْت سَابِع يُوم بِالإسْبُوع. اِلْجِمْعَة وَالسَّبْت عِطْلة الْإِسْبُوع
Saturday is the seventh day od the week. Friday and Saturday are the weekend.

Now, listen to the sentences:

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