Flash Cards For Common Standard Arabic Phrases

arabic flash cards
All what you need is to print those 3 pages (below) and cut each row and fold it in the middle. Also, there is a recording you can listen to get the correct pronunciation.
(1) These phrases are in standard Arabic. They might be a little different than speaking language, but since they are very common you can start using them in speaking as well.
(2) There is a little change you might need to do if you use the phrase تفضل (= TAFADHAL : go ahead). When you talk to a girl/lady you should change the word to تفضلي (= TAFADHALI : go a head).

Click on each picture (under the ad) to enlarge then save them in your computer, then print them out:

arabic flash cardsarabic flash cardsarabic flash cards

Use the recording to get the pronunciation correctly:

Tell us what do you think and if you find those flash cards helpful or not. We will be happy to hear from you in common section. Any other suggestions?

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