Ramadan with the Quran

reading Quran online lesson  with Tajweed with teacher via Skype

Spend your Ramadan with the Quran in online lessons. Make the most of it and reach new spiritual heights. Learn reading Quran in the right way with reliable native teachers who have excellent knowledge in Tajweed*. Also, learn the meaning of Quran in English. We use virtual classroom to make the lesson more interactive.
The lesson costs only 6$ for 30 minutes. The first lesson is FREE with no obligation.

You need:
1- Access to computer. The meeting takes place in Skype (sound call only) plus a virtual classroom (the student will get a link to the classroom in the first meeting)
2- Internet connection.
3- 30 minutes of your free time. (after registration, the student will get a confirmation email for a suitable time for both the student and the teacher)

* Tajweed: refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an.