What our clients think about us:

"Yaman has been an effective teacher thankfully! This was my 4th attempt at arabic and I can humbly say it has been the most successful by afar. Yaman tailored my lessons specifically for my level and interests and took time to learn my background in order for our conversations to be steered as such. Upon request, she assigned homework for practise and we would discuss it before carrying on with the following class. Her timings were flexible enough for our 7 hour time-difference which was a huge bonus! I look forward to carrying on more lessons with her as time permits in the future. Good luck to all of you new students if you're looking to join in on the fun :D"
A.B.- Hours of Instructions: 50

"Ms. Yaman was a great teacher for me. She was kind, patient, and didn't mind going over the same lesson with me if I did not understand. If I didn't understand, she would find a different way to explain the lesson to me. She would also ask me random questions that I had to answer throughout the lesson which helped me to understand, speak, and remember Arabic better. I kept hearing Arabic is a difficult language to learn, but the way Yaman progressed through the lessons made Arabic understandable and easier than most people realize. Thanks Ms. Yaman."
J.P- Hours of Instructions: 25

"I am 16 years old, and Arabic as a part of my school curriculum is my foreign language. I used to think that learning to speak and write Arabic is very difficult since it has many dialects that originate from various Middle Eastern countries. However, Ms. Yaman who is a professional Arabic teacher, taught and prepared me for my Arabic exams (article writing, letter writing, and conversation) thoroughly. I never imagined I would say this, but this Arabic exam was one of my favourite and most memorable experiences and I am very glad and thankful to my sister to introduce me to Ms Yaman. I would highly recommend this teacher to anybody looking to learn Arabic in the most flexible way."
Bushra- Hours of Instructions: 72

"I studied for Arabic language through skype classes with Ms Yaman and I can honestly say that she is the most devoted teacher I ever came across. Even though while studying via skype, it never seemed like she is not in front of you. Be it bargaining with the shopkeepers or discussing with my Arab friends, Ms Yaman made sure I was confidently communicating in Arabic with them. I wished all teachers would be genuinely thoughtful like Ms. Yaman, I really appreciate her so much."
Esra- Hours of Instructions: 72

"Arabic is an official language of 27 states, the third most used after English and French. I am a non-native student of IGCSE Arabic which is an academically rigorous, internationally used, specialized, british curriculum.
I studied with Ms. Yaman for around 3 months and AlhamduliAllah my command & fluency of the language improved quite dramatically. I intend to continue with her in the Advanced levels too as I want to reach and understand the depths of this beautiful language In'sha'Allah."
Rania from Saudi Arabia- Hours of Instructions: 72

"Ms. Yaman is an excellent teacher.
Her lessons are very professional, well laid out, and engaging. I am only able to Skype with her for one session a week, but after only 19 hours with her, I am able to use Arabic for simple requests, to introduce myself and my family, and order food at restaurants, cafes, and even the grocery store deli!
She focuses on all aspects of the language in her lessons which makes the material easy to pick up regardless of your learning style. She is very sensitive to my needs to know the Saudi dialect, but takes the time to teach the other variations as well. Each lesson we focus on themed vocabulary which gives me the greatest opportunity to construct new sentences on my own.
She is also willing to meet outside of Skype to practice my Arabic in real world settings. This has helped tremendously!
I would high recommend Yaman to anyone interested in learning Arabic!"
Christina- Hours of Instructions: 19

"My son found and contacted Ms Yaman for myself and as soon as i had my first free lesson i was happy with how it went and decided to pay for 2wks lessons. From these 2 week lessons i was more convinced this is the teacher i had been searching for who was patient, polite, listened, had character and gave praise all the way or found a way to help you understand better. Initially at the beginning we had to understand each other in what i wanted and what she was giving me. So explaining from the beginning is extremely important not only for the teacher but for us as the student, otherwise you end up wasting time. As i knew what i wanted i expressed it and she was thankful for this and immediately formed the class around my needs but with her excellent knowledge of understanding new beginners starting from scratch it flowed very easily and quickly. With her repetitiveness over the lesson in small sentences it helped to strengthen the brain in memory better and also going over lessons previously studied helped a lot also. I would recommend Ms Yaman as she's 'serious about being serious' about her passion in teaching and wanting the best for her student.
You will not be wasting your time in having Ms Yaman as a teacher if you are serious about learning this beautiful language"
Jennifer- Hours of Instructions: 37

"Ms. Yaman is a very nice teacher. I was her student only for a little while, but I still learned enough to be able to read and write Arabic. I hope to start her program again when I can. I like how Ms. Yaman gives fun and exciting homework. I always look forward to class with Ms. Yaman because she's funny, fun, awesome, and she always gives me candy when I do good."
Bayinnah - 6th grade

" I was very impressed with the lengths that Ms Yaman went to make sure that my daughter learned Arabic. She was very engaging and often used subjects that interested my daughter to make the Arabic lessons both relevant and fun. What I appreciated the most was Ms Yaman's genuine interest in seeing my daughter master the language, and her patience with my daughter. She was very flexible and accommodating with our sometimes hectic schedule, meeting us in person or via Skype. She also scheduled outside the classroom trips so my daughter could use the Arabic she learned in her lessons with native Arabic speakers in the local community. Overall, my daughter truly benefited from her class. We both appreciate and are thankful for the experience."
Mrs. Shah

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