Offer for the cheapest Arabic-English translating service

Arabic translation:
If you ever used Google translate or any other translating software, you would know how hard to get an accurate Arabic translating. It’s important to understand that Arabic is a rich, culturally diverse and complex language. In fact, many linguists categorize Arabic as “sociolinguistic,” meaning that the various regional dialects differ enough from each other to be mutually unintelligible.

We guarantee a consistently excellent quality of Arabic translation by making sure we assign every translation to the experienced, native Arabic translators, who work with all Arabic dialects (Modern Standard, Gulf, Egyptian, etc.), giving the best results for our customers. Weather you want to translate a tweet, an email, a website, a song, a document…etc, you are in the right place.

The Price and the payment:
We provide a cost effective and fast Arabic translation service. We accept Paypal payment which is a very reliable, safe and quick service for money transformation.
Please, check our price. We offer 50% discount during June 2015 and July 2015.

Recording service:
You can get an audio recording for your Arabic translation to help you in pronunciation especially if it is a dialect Arabic. It costs as much as the written translation.

How does it work:
Fill the application get a confirmation letter send the file or the document you want to be translated (if you didn’t send it with the application) send the payment receive the translating in the specified time.