5 Polite Phrases in Egyptian

Knowing a few polite phrases can help build a relationship and show that you have good intentions. If you don’t speak a language very well, these five words can be very appreciated by Arab people. So let's start: 
(1) LAW-SAMAHT : Please 
It indices that you want something, or maybe request something. For instance, if you see something in a store, pointing at it and saying “please” will generally communicate your intentions. It is also used if you want to get someone’s attention, or get through a crowd. Another word that serve the same purpose is [BA'DI-EZNAK]. 
(2) SHUKRAN : Thank you 
It indicates your gratitude if someone helps you out. It shows them that you know they did you a favour and you appreciate it.
(3) EL-A'FOO : You’re welcome 
Most likely if you said "SHUKRAN" to someone, he will say EL-A'FOO, or A'F-WAN as a nice response. 
(4) AASEF (if you are a male) and AAS-FAH (if you are a female): I am sorry 
It is appropriate if you’ve messed up or want to express remorse.
(5) AY-WAH : yes and LA' : No 
These might seem obvious but you will use them often, so they are important to be familiar with.